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Scott Pearce Book 1

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‘A terrific thriller’ – James Patterson‘A new benchmark for the modern spy thriller’ – Peter James‘Excellent . . . Packed with relentless pace and hard-edged thrills’ – James SwallowAn exiled agent out for revenge.A hidden enemy stoking hate. A clandestine war with no rules. The world is in turmoil and nothing is as it seems. Radical extremists are on the rise, using new threats and new technologies to divide and disrupt. With governments, the military and intelligence agencies being outmanoeuvred at every step, borders are breaking down and the old espionage rules are obsolete. To fight this war a new doctrine is needed and one man will make the difference.Meet Ex-MI6 agent Scott Pearce.Off-grid and off the books, Pearce is forced into the fight when he learns of the brutal murder of an old friend. Determined to avenge his death, Pearce assembles a team of trusted ex-colleagues.It’s time to burn the espionage rulebook and take the war to those responsible. . .]]>