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Improving Your Bank’s Digital Future by Making Technology Changes Now

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<b>Strategic technology strategy for smaller financial institutions</b> <p><i>Breaking Digital Gridlock</i> empowers credit unions and community banks to make the shift to digital—even without a seven-figure consulting budget. From leadership, to technology, to security, and more, this book provides effective, real-world strategies for taking the leap without tearing your organization apart. With an emphasis on maintaining the culture, services, and features you have carefully crafted for your customers over the years, these strategies allow you to make your organization more resistant to digital disruption by adopting key technologies at key points in their evolution. Expert advice grounded in practicality shows how FinTech partnerships and strategic technology acquisition can foster new growth with minimal disruption, and how project management can be restructured to most effectively implement any digital solution and how to implement and leverage analytics. Specific implementation advice coupled with expert approaches offer the ability to modernize in an efficient, organized, financially-sound manner. <p>The companion website features a digital readiness assessment that helps clarify the breadth and scope of the change, and serves as a progress check every step of the way. Access to digital assets helps smooth the path to implementation, and a reader forum facilitates the exchange of ideas, experiences, and advice. <ul> <li>Identify revolutionary versus evolutionary technology opportunities</li> <li>Empower employee innovation, and stop managing all risk out of good ideas</li> <li>Understand blockchain, machine learning, cloud computing, and other technologies</li> <li>Forge strategic partnerships that will drive growth and success amidst technological upheaval</li> </ul> <p>It is widely accepted that digital is the future of banking, but <i>knowing</i> is not the same as <i>doing</i>. If your organization has been riding the fence for too long amidst uncertainty and budget constraints, <i>Breaking Digital Gridlock</i> provides the solutions, strategies, and knowledge you need to begin moving forward.


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