Breaking into Acting For Dummies


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<p><b>Understand the business&nbsp;side&nbsp;of&nbsp;your&nbsp;showbiz&nbsp;career&nbsp;</b></p> <p>We all know acting can be a glittering&nbsp;whirl of glamour&mdash;plush&nbsp;red carpets,&nbsp;simply&nbsp;divine&nbsp;outfits,&nbsp;huge sums of&nbsp;money, and oh, the parties!&nbsp;But what a lot of&nbsp;wannabe&nbsp;actors forget is that&nbsp;it&nbsp;takes&nbsp;a lot of&nbsp;practical work&nbsp;to get to the flashbulbs of your first premiere,&nbsp;and that the savviest actors put as much stress on the&nbsp;business&nbsp;side of the profession as they do on the&nbsp;show.&nbsp;<i>Breaking&nbsp;Into&nbsp;Acting For Dummies</i>&nbsp;demystifies the behind-the-curtain side of showbiz to help you understand how it&nbsp;really&nbsp;works, who the decision-makers are, what they&rsquo;re looking for when they&rsquo;re picking talent, and how to get them on your side.&nbsp;If&nbsp;you&nbsp;truly&nbsp;want to be the next Emma Stone or Leonardo DiCaprio, you&rsquo;ll want&nbsp;to have a&nbsp;well-thumbed&nbsp;copy of this book alongside your&nbsp;pile of scripts.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Written by two&nbsp;friendly&nbsp;insiders, this&nbsp;guide takes you behind the scenes&nbsp;to help you&nbsp;map out your&nbsp;plan of attack, showing you how to open doors&mdash;and keep them open&mdash;and use your time wisely, so you&rsquo;re not breaking a leg rushing from&nbsp;one&nbsp;random audition to&nbsp;another.&nbsp;You&rsquo;ll understand how to flesh out your professional persona as thoroughly as a movie part,&nbsp;craft your resume as&nbsp;minutely&nbsp;as a script, and judge the&nbsp;angle&nbsp;of&nbsp;your headshots and webcam appearances as&nbsp;intimately&nbsp;as any&nbsp;director.&nbsp;Once you&rsquo;ve mastered&nbsp;these&nbsp;skills,&nbsp;it&rsquo;s&nbsp;time to go to market as&nbsp;your own publicity department,&nbsp;building&nbsp;your&nbsp;media and&nbsp;online presence until&nbsp;everyone who&rsquo;s anyone knows&nbsp;exactly&nbsp;who you are.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Understand different acting markets&mdash;from&nbsp;theater to commercials&nbsp;</li> <li>Network in-person and online&nbsp;</li> <li>Build your image via resumes, head shots, and webcam&nbsp;</li> <li>Keep a firm grip on the financial side&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Whether you&rsquo;re studying, a&nbsp;hopeful&nbsp;amateur,&nbsp;or have been&nbsp;treading the boards&nbsp;for a while,&nbsp;this&nbsp;is your&nbsp;breakthrough&nbsp;script for&nbsp;succeeding in the business of acting, and&nbsp;for&nbsp;learning how to play&nbsp;your ultimate&nbsp;role: yourself.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


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