Brill Kid – The Big Number 2


Awesomeness – The Next Level

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<p><b>From the bestselling authors of <i>Diary of a Brilliant Kid</i> comes the much-anticipated follow-up, <i>Brill Kid &ndash; The Big Number 2</i></b></p> <p><b><i>Brill Kid – The Big Number 2</i> takes Awesomeness to the next level!</b></p> <p>It’s rock solid ‘personal development’ with a difference. A BIG difference! It’s aimed at 7 to 11s, the exact age when mental habits are created. The book picks up where <i>Diary of a Brilliant Kid</i> left off &ndash; raising the bar from mental health to mental wealth, enabling young people to flourish in a world that’s hell bent on knocking them sideways.</p> <p>It’s about happiness and wellbeing. It tells you how to shine when the world’s a bit dull. It’s about learning to be your best self and hanging in there when the world’s doing its worst. It’s got oodles of content about self-care, kindness and confidence. It’s got facts, diagrams, stories, activities, quotes and lots of silliness!</p> <p>It’s about setting you up for a long and happy life. This number 2 will make your eyes water but leave you with a big smile on your face.</p>