Building iPhone Applications with Titanium


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<b>With Titanium, web developers can build native iPhone apps using just their existing skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript</b> <ul> <li>iPhone is the hottest mobile device on the planet, and programmers everywhere want to write applications for this new platform</li> <li>Writing applications for the iPhone usually requires developers to learn the Objective-C programming language</li> <li>With Appcelerator’s free Titanium Mobile Platform, developers can create iPhone applications using their existing skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript – no Objective-C required</li> <li>Titanium applications are not web apps running in the iPhone browser. They are real, native iPhone applications and can be sold via the App Store</li> <li>This official guide is written by, and supported by the Titanium team at Appcelerator<br /> </li> </ul>