How Grit, Innovation, and a Dash of Luck Ignited a Multi-Million Dollar Success Story

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<p><b>Learn the fascinating story of one of America&rsquo;s most successful&nbsp;entrepreneurs&nbsp;</b></p> <p>The American Dream continues to resonate with immigrants from around the world. Millions of people hope to come to the United States to build a better life for themselves and their families, often by creating and growing new ventures and companies. While not everyone succeeds, many do. Mei Xu is one of those successes. In <i>Burn,&nbsp;</i>entrepreneur and international business&shy;woman Mei Xu tells her story of ingenuity, determination, and luck. Spanning three decades, from 1991 when she arrived at Washington&rsquo;s Dulles Airport, to today, Xu&rsquo;s story is one of stunning success. She built a multi-million dollar company, met and counseled thousands of entrepreneurs and businesspeople, and even advised President of the United States Barack Obama on the topic of job creation.</p> <p>In <i>Burn</i>, you&rsquo;ll learn:</p> <ul> <li>About the creation of Mei Xu&rsquo;s international lifestyle business and the success stories of other female leaders who triumphed over adversity to achieve their dreams</li> <li>Why the American Dream is still within your grasp, and how to reach for it</li> <li>How creators like Xu think differently about innovation and how you can harness her insights to build something new and exciting for yourself</li> </ul> <p><i>Burn </i>explains how Xu&rsquo;s embrace of design-driven entrepreneurship and thoughtful manufacturing powered her growth and prosperity in a truly international company. Design leadership remains vital to a robust and global economy. <i>Burn </i>will inspire you to follow your vision and have an impact on the world around you. Perfect for anyone seeking an engrossing and inspirational tale of success, <i>Burn </i>belongs on the bookshelves of professionals and entrepreneurs everywhere.</p>


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