Business Financial Information Secrets


How a Business Produces and Utilizes Critical Financial Information

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<p><b>Gain a comprehensive understanding of how businesses produce, report, and utilize essential financial information!</b></p> <p>In this companion to <i>How to Read a Financial Report, 9th Edition</i>, bestselling financial author Tage Tracy delivers timeless knowledge on one of the most important functions of every business operating within the free market. Designed for managers, entrepreneurs, investors, and others who deal with vital financial information and the production of financial statements &amp; reports &ldquo;on the inside,&rdquo; <i>Business Financial Information Secrets </i>shows you how to produce, understand, and utilize financial information to the greatest effect for your business and the economy at large. This book guides you through the surprisingly clean and simple process of proper accounting and reporting, regardless of your organization&rsquo;s size or structure.</p> <p>Cash flow and business capital management are covered extensively throughout the book as without a thorough understanding of these all-important concepts, you could be lacking critical information about the lifeline of your business. To sharpen your business skills and avoid preventable losses, read <i>Business Financial Information Secrets</i>. You&rsquo;ll learn everything you need to know about Profit &amp; Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements, along with externally produced reports, additional internal financial information, and all the ins and outs of ensuring that reports are always 100% accurate. Topics include:</p> <ul> <li>Producing best-in-class financial information by learning finance terms, calculations, and standard reports</li> <li>Understanding where financial information originates and how it flows from one type of report to the next</li> <li>Analyzing financial information so you can generate meaningful insights for internal and external stakeholders</li> <li>Discovering why financial information is so critical and learning how to use it to your advantage</li> <li>Expanding your knowledge of how a business generates and consumes cash including the secrets to successfully raising debt or equity capital</li> <li>Deciphering how companies can &ldquo;Engineer&rdquo; financial results and when profits are real versus manufactured</li> </ul> <p>Use this book for cost-effective solutions to provide reliable and timely financial information to shareholders, investors, lenders, analysts, government agencies, and beyond.</p>


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