C.S. Lewis


A Guide to His Theology

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In this engaging book David Clark guides the reader through the theology of CS Lewis and illuminates the use and understanding of scripture in the works of this popular author.<br /> <ul> <li style=”list-style: none”><br /> </li> <li>Examines his life, work, world view, and the implications of his theology in relation to his other writings<br /> </li> <li>Looks at Lewis’ beliefs on the topics of redemption, humanity, spiritual growth, purgatory, and resurrection<br /> </li> <li>Examines the different perspectives on Lewis and his work: as prophet, evangelist, and as a spiritual mentor<br /> </li> <li>Explores the range and influence of Lewis’ work, from the bestselling apologetic, <i>Mere Christianity</i>, to the world-famous <i>Chronicles of Narnia</i><br /> </li> <li>Features specially-commissioned artwork throughout<br /> </li> <li>Written in an accessible style for general readers, students, and scholars, and will introduce Lewis’ theology to a wider audience.</li> </ul>


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