Call Me Mrs. Brown


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Pre-order the first ever autobiography from Brendan O’Carroll, now in paperback________’What forking trouble are you in now?’ Mammy asked. She opened the letter and I waited.’It’s nothing, just the result of your check-up.’ There was a pause and then she did an ‘uh-oh’.’What? What is it?”It’s nothing really . . . but you’re colour-blind.’Nothing? Nothing? I was aghast.’But that could be dangerous. I mean, when I start to drive how will I be able to tell traffic lights?”I’ll give you a hint, son, the red one is on the forking top.’Before he became the nation’s favourite Mammy, Brendan O’Carroll was known simply as Brendan.The youngest of ten children from a poor family in Dublin, his father died when he was just nine years old. Leaving school at the mere age of 12, Brendan began what would become a long and varied working life; he would go on to be a waiter, a publican, a window cleaner and a publisher amongst other jobs.Throughout the tough moments, Brendan always had humour and a good story to tell alongside the ever-guiding inspiration of his own Mammy, a formidable figure who became Ireland’s first female Labour MP. His hope and determination meant he never gave up, and eventually a chance opportunity to perform stand-up would pave the way for the TV show that would become ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’.In his own unique voice, Brendan O’Carroll strings together the threads of his life, a helter-skelter story tracing the helter-skelter journey of a scrawny kid from Finglas, Dublin to TV screens around the world, told with warmth, humour, a touch of mischievousness – and more than a few coincidences.__________]]>