Canvas LMS For Dummies


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<p><b>Make digital learning&nbsp;effortless&nbsp;with Canvas&nbsp;</b></p> <p>The potential of digital learning is limitless. But implementing it in the real-world can&nbsp;sometimes&nbsp;be a challenge, especially when you have to learn the ins and outs of&nbsp;a new platform. So, why not choose a learning management system&nbsp;(LMS)&nbsp;that&nbsp;actually&nbsp;makes your life, and the lives of your students, easier?&nbsp;</p> <p>In&nbsp;<i>Canvas For Dummies</i>,&nbsp;a team of expert digital educators walks you through every&nbsp;important aspect of the&nbsp;hugely popular&nbsp;Canvas LMS.&nbsp;Written specifically for busy teachers&nbsp;hoping to make the most of&nbsp;the tools at their disposal, the book&nbsp;offers step-by-step instructions to design, build, and integrate&nbsp;a fully functional Canvas environment. From creating your first classroom home page to taking advantage of Canvas modules, you&rsquo;ll&nbsp;learn how to&nbsp;use the platform to engage your students and improve their learning.&nbsp;</p> <p>Full of practical guidance and useful tips,&nbsp;this &ldquo;how-to&rdquo;&nbsp;handbook&nbsp;helps you:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Navigate the creation of a blended learning environment and take advantage of&nbsp;the benefits of both&nbsp;in-person and&nbsp;online learning&nbsp;</li> <li>Manage collaborative environments&nbsp;and leverage Canvas modules&nbsp;to deliver a superior learning experience&nbsp;</li> <li>Integrate&nbsp;your Canvas modules with pre-existing, in-person material to create an intuitive&nbsp;environment&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>This book is an absolute necessity for any educator or parent hoping to improve&nbsp;student outcomes with the powerful tools included in the Canvas LMS.&nbsp;</p>


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