Career Change Guide


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Pre-order now to discover what you really want from work with this empowering, practical guide to redesigning your career from expert career coach Rachel Schofield__________Does it sneak up on you on holiday when your mind finally has time to wander? After a bad day in the office where your ideas have gone unnoticed? We all have days when we idly dream of a new life. But this is different.The Career Change Guide is designed to take you from the confusion and indecision that stops you doing anything, to a clearer picture of the kind of work and life you want, with concrete steps to make it a reality.Get your brain into gear and equip yourself with the tools to become a committed career redesigner. Reflect on your greatest strengths and skills to identify what motivates you, and learn how to. . . – Get clarity on who you are and the kind of work and life you want- Fully explore all your career options- Tackle self-doubt and build confidence- Design a concrete action planIt will take you on a structured four step journey – Preparing- Reflecting – Imagining & Designing – Taking Action – to lead you to the job of your dreams. So enough procrastination… are you doing this, or aren’t you?__________]]>