Career Paths


Charting Courses to Success for Organizations and Their Employees

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<i>Career Paths</i> provides practical tools and tips for developing and implementing career paths in the workplace. <ul> <li> <div>Discusses available resources organizations can use in developing career paths<br /> </div> </li> <li>Includes a sample career path guide<br /> </li> <li>Describes how career path efforts can be integrated with recruitment and hiring, strategic planning, succession management, employee development, and retention programs<br /> </li> <li>Explains how to improve employee retention using career paths and how to integrate career paths into employee training and development systems<br /> </li> <li>Provides conceptual and practical toolkits for constructing career paths<br /> </li> <li>Discusses dimensions that impact career paths, such as employee movement and the nature of employee expertise</li> </ul>


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