Catalysts for Change


Concepts and Principles for Enabling Innovation

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Of related interest. Design for Success A Human-Centered Approachto Designing Successful Products and Systems William B. Rouse Thisgroundbreaking book offers a comprehensive, methodologicalframework for the human-centered design of complex systems. Thisdynamic new approach to system design includes four phases –naturalist, marketing, engineering, and sales and service — whichcover the entire product life cycle, including:<br> * Evaluating users’ needs and preferences<br> * Concept and market evaluation of alternative ways to satisfythese demands<br> * Detailed design and engineering evaluation of products andsystems<br> * Fielding and ongoing in-use evaluation<br> A wide variety of methods and tools is discussed within thismethodological framework. Applications are illustrated with casestudies of actual applications in a variety of industries. Thisbook makes human-centered design very concrete and readilyapplicable to practical and realistically complex design problems.”How to” guidance is provided in the form of case histories andalmost 100 figures and tables, as well as principles and guidelinesfor implementing the design “toolbox” outlined throughout the book.1991 (0471-52483-2) 287 pp. Strategies for Innovation CreatingSuccessful Products, Systems, and Organizations William B. RouseConcentrating on technology-based businesses, Strategies forInnovation presents a comprehensive methodology for businessplanning and market development. The author demonstrates theseprinciples with actual plans successfully implemented in his owninnovative software company. In addition, he has included a wealthof real-life examples, case studies and vignettes, with which heexplores marketing strategies, business techniques, and planningmethodologies that have worked for companies ranging fromtechnology-based Fortune 500 companies to small new venturestart-ups. The book includes more than 100 figures and tables thatprovide easy access to critical information, and an extensivebibliography. This highly practical guide is an important resourcefor executives in technology-based businesses, as well as systemsengineers and engineering managers. It is also an excellent textfor MBA candidates and graduate students and teachers in areasrelated to the design and management of technology-basedenterprises. 1992 (0-471-55904-0) 272 pp.


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