Cedric Robinson


The Time of the Black Radical Tradition

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<p>Cedric Robinson &ndash; political theorist, historian, and activist &ndash; was one of the greatest black radical thinkers of the twentieth century. In this powerful work, the first major book to tell his story, Joshua Myers shows how Robinson&rsquo;s work interrogated the foundations of western political thought, modern capitalism, and changing meanings of race.</p> <p>Tracing the course of Robinson&rsquo;s journey from his early days as an agitator in the 1960s to his publication of such seminal works as <i><i>Black Marxism</i></i>, Myers frames Robinson&rsquo;s mission as aiming to understand and practice opposition to &ldquo;the terms of order.&rdquo; In so doing, Robinson excavated the Black Radical tradition as a form of resistance that imagined that life on wholly different terms was possible.</p> In the era of Black Lives Matter, that resistance is as necessary as ever, and Robinson&rsquo;s contribution only gains in importance. This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to learn more about it.


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