Chemo-Enzymatic Cascade Reactions


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<b>Chemo-Enzymatic Cascade Reactions</b> <p><b>A groundbreaking book focusing on chemo-enzymatic cascade transformations</b><p><i>Chemo-Enzymatic Cascade Reactions</i> offers a unique book that explores biocatalytic-chemical cascade reactions and their applications in the synthesis of valuable chemicals. Written by a noted expert on the topic, this comprehensive resource includes information on the advantages and disadvantages of traditional chemical and biocatalytic reactions and reviews the three modes of chemo-enzymatic transformations: separate-pot-two-step, one-pot-two-step, and one-pot-one-step. The author examines the most current developments of chemo-enzymatic transformations organized by the three modes and types of enzymes and considers retro-synthesis based on both chemical and biocatalytic transformations and the synthetic applications.<p>This groundbreaking book is the first resource to present in one volume the state-of-art advances of the technology and explore the opportunities and challenges of this burgeoning field. The book also considers the future of cascade reactions and the myriad benefits including higher atom economy and production efficiency, and less resource consumption and waste generation. This important book:<li><bl>Offers the first book dedicated exclusively to chemo-enzymatic cascade transformations</bl></li><li><bl>Explains the importance and the opportunities and challenges of chemo-enzymatic synthetic technology</bl></li><li><bl>Includes information on the three modes of chemo-enzymatic transformation</bl></li><li><bl>Reviews the most recent advances in the field</bl></li><p>Written for organic chemists, chemists in industry, biochemist, catalytic chemists, <i>Chemo-Enzymatic Cascade Reactions</i> offers an understanding to the importance, current advances, the opportunities and challenges of chemo-enzymatic synthetic technology.