Child of Earth & Sky


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Born of bright white wishing and black edged desire, the Grimm girls each command a single element and wield it with great power. But a child born of a Grimm and a fallen star has command of every element, and with infinite power…Goldie is nearly thirty. And Luna is her daughter. Eight-years-old, she is part star, part Grimm. With her father’s scars marking body and her mother’s powers at her fingertips, she is increasingly consumed by the struggle between the two opposing forces within her . . .It’s when Luna’s teacher notices her scars and summons Social Services, that Goldie, facing the very real danger that she’ll lose her daughter, tries to escape. But the fates are against her, her daughter is taken into care, and the only time and place they are able to meet at night is in the strange, haunted realm of Everwhere.Goldie is desperate to reclaim her daughter, but she notices the child is behaving in erratic and seemingly dangerous ways. And in Everwhere, fresh leaves are falling once more, and Grimm girls are dying. Fearing the return of her demonic father, Goldie stalks the shadows and glades of Everywhere, hoping to confront the killer. Then one night she is attacked…by her own child. Calling on the help of her sister Liyana and her Tarot cards, Goldie learns that to save Luna and curb the darkness growing within her, the connection between Everwhere and our world must be severed. But to do so would mean crippling the powers of the Grimm girls throughout the world. Is this a price Goldie is willing to pay? And, more significantly, will her daughter let her…]]>