Cindynics, The Science of Danger


A Wake-up Call

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This book offers a new perspective to uncover the keys to accident and disaster avoidance. Created with a working group, it presents research and understanding on the root causes of disasters. Indeed, beyond technical failures, human beings are at the heart of organizations and, through the exchange of data and information, influential relationships inevitably emerge such as conflicts of interest and cooperation.<br /><br />With examples selected from multiple accidents and disasters, this book demonstrates that analyzing the causal chain that leads to an accident is not sufficient if we wish to truly understand it. The role of operational and managerial actors and the complexities they generate are also explored.<br /><br /><i>Cindynics, The Science of Danger</i>&nbsp;helps readers develop their ability to identify gaps, deficits, dissonances, disjunctions, degenerations and blockages, which are the real dangers in inevitably evolving activity situations. With an easily-understandable approach, this book offers new perspectives in several fields (health, crisis management and conflict resolution).


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