City of Stolen Magic


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A spellbinding, epic and heart-racing magical adventure from an exquisite new storytelling talent.India, 1855. There are two kinds of magic in Chompa’s world. The kind her mother favours: writing-magic, which anyone can do if they take the time. Write a spell in Farsi, and wait. It’s calm, controlled, safe, says Ammi. It’s slow, frustrating, boring, thinks Chompa. Then there’s finger-magic, which only those descended from ancient djinn are born with. Immediate, powerful – and dangerous, for every act of finger-magic leaves a trace, and comes at a price . . . Growing up in an isolated village, hot-headed Chompa has never understood why her mother forbids her from using her potent finger-magic – until, one day, Chompa defies Ammi, and casts a spell. Soon after, a group of pale men attack their home and snatch Ammi. In desperate search of her mother, Chompa must travel to another world: to England, and the smoky, bustling streets of East End London, where the powerful Company is transporting magical people like her and Ammi for the most sinister purpose . . .]]>