Clinical Application of Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump


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From its initial clinical use, over 28 years ago, to its current extensive use (over 100,000 times annually in the US alone), balloon pump equipment has developed into sophisticated, computer-assisted technology for mechanically aiding circulation. This book fully and clearly explains the function and clinical application of IABP in various clinical conditions. In addition, it reviews all the new achievements and complications of balloon pumping, such as percutaneous sheathless balloon catheter insertion and the addition of various control and alarm systems to the drive console to assure patient safety. Because the effective clinical application of IABP involves more than familiarity with the device and implications for its use, Dr Bolooki also discusses the causes of cardiac failure and its pathophysiology; the reversibility of ventricular dysfunction; and the other assist devices frequently used in conjunction with IABP in cases of severe cardiac failure. Recent IABP studies that evaluated the effect of this device on short- and long-term patient survival – and on the extent of myocardial salvage after ischemia or infarction – are also included in this extensively updated and expanded third edition.


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