Clinical Trials in Psychiatry


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<b>At last – a new edition of the highly acclaimed book <i>Clinical Trials in Psychiatry</i></b> <p>This book provides a concise but thorough overview of clinical trials in psychiatry, invaluable to those seeking solutions to numerous problems relating to design, methodology and analysis of such trials. Practical examples and applications are used to ground theory whenever possible. <b>The Second Edition includes new information regarding:</b></p> <ul> <li>Recent important psychiatric trials</li> <li>More specific discussion of psychiatry in the USA and the particular problems of trials in the USA, including comments about the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)</li> <li>An extended chapter on meta-analysis</li> <li>Further discussion of sub-group analysis</li> </ul> <p>Special features include appendices outlining how to design and report clinical trials, what websites and software programs are appropriate and an extensive reference section.</p> <p>From the reviews of the First Edition:</p> <p><i>“Everitt & Wessely are to be congratulated on producing an excellent guide to help overcome the snags in clinical trial research. Clearly written and in an engrossing style, the book is likely to become a classic textbook on clinical trials, and not just in psychiatry. The authors’ enthusiasm and grasp of clinical trial research make for a gripping and insightful read…it is one of the very best books that has been written on clinical trials.”</i> THE BRITISH JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY</p> <p><i>”The experience of both authors in this area gives the book a very pragmatic approach grounded in reality, with theoretical overviews invariably being followed by practical examples and applications… an invaluable companion to anyone involved in, or contemplating undertaking, clinical trials research.”</i> PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE</p>


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