Cloud Technologies


An Overview of Cloud Computing Technologies for Managers

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<b>CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES</b> <p><b>Contains a variety of cloud computing technologies and explores how the cloud can enhance business operations</b><p><i>Cloud Technologies</i> offers an accessible guide to cloud-based systems and clearly explains how these technologies have changed the way organizations approach and implement their computing infrastructure. The author includes an overview of cloud computing and addresses business-related considerations such as service level agreements, elasticity, security, audits, and practical implementation issues. In addition, the book covers important topics such as automation, infrastructure as code, DevOps, orchestration, and edge computing.<p>Cloud computing fundamentally changes the way organizations think about and implement IT infrastructure. Any manager without a firm grasp of basic cloud concepts is at a huge disadvantage in the modern world. Written for all levels of managers working in IT and other areas, the book explores cost savings and enhanced capabilities, as well as identifies different models for implementing cloud technologies and tackling cloud business concerns. This important book:<ul><li>Demonstrates a variety of cloud computing technologies and ways the cloud can enhance business operations</li><li>Addresses data security concerns in cloud computing relevant to corporate data owners</li><li>Shows ways the cloud can save money for a business</li><li>Offers a companion website hosting PowerPoint slides</li></ul><p>Written for managers in the fields of business, IT and cloud computing, <i>Cloud Technologies</i> describes cloud computing concepts and related strategies and operations in accessible language.


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