CMT Curriculum Level I 2022


An Introduction to Technical Analysis

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<p><b>Get Your Copy of the 2022 Official CMT<sup>&reg;</sup> Level I Curriculum</b></p> <p>As the authoritative introduction to the basics of technical analysis, the Official CMT<sup>&reg;</sup> Level I Curriculum includes the tools, content, and terminology you will need to prepare for the Level I exam and beyond. Published in partnership with the CMT Association, <i>CMT Curriculum Level I 2022:&nbsp;An Introduction to Technical Analysis</i> explores theory and history, markets, market indicators, construction, confirmation, cycles, selection and decision, system testing, and statistical analysis.</p> This text covers all concepts appearing on the Level I CMT<sup>&reg;&nbsp;</sup>exam, featuring industry-relevant topics and treatments of technical analysis in the context of portfolio management.