Colonisation: Down to Earth


Colonisation: Book 2

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The tumultuous 1960s have arrived, and the alien reptilian race ponders its uneasy future on the planet it calls Tosev 3. The United States has prospered since the war and has sent a manned spaceship deep into space. On the other side of the globe, the German Reich remains bloodied but unbowed, brandishing a frightening new weapon and always poised for war. China strains under alien occupation, and from Poland to Jerusalem, Jews must choose between aiding the Race or the Reich. Down to Earth is populated by a cast that includes the famous, from Khomeini to Himmler, and the unkonwn – drug smugglers, soldiers and lovers – in a spectacular tale of tyranny and freedom, destruction and hope.’The wizard of If.’ Chicago Sun-Times’Turtledove the standard bearer for alternate history.’ USA Today]]>



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