Comparative Theology


Deep Learning Across Religious Borders

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Drawing upon the author’s three decades of work in comparative theology, this is a pertinent and comprehensive introduction to the field, which offers a clear guide to the reader, enabling them to engage in comparative study. <ul> <li>The author has three decades of experience of work in the field of comparative theology and is ideally placed to write this book</li> <li>Today’s increasing religious diversity makes this a pertinent and timely publication</li> <li>Unique in the depth of its introduction and explanation of the discipline of ‘comparative theology’</li> <li>Provides examples of how comparative theology works in the new global context of human religiosity</li> <li>Draws on examples specific to Hindu-Christian studies to show how it is possible to understand more deeply the wider diversity around us.</li> <li>Clearly guides the reader, enabling them to engage in comparative study</li> </ul>


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