The thrilling account of history’s most extraordinary airliner

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Preorder the definitive account of the rise and fall of the iconic Concorde plane from British Airways’ former Chief Concorde Pilot.THE WORLD’S GREATEST AIRCRAFTConcorde is the most beautiful, iconic and distinctive flying machine ever to grace the skies. For over a quarter of a century she was the world’s only successful supersonic airliner, carrying passengers in comfort and style at speeds faster than a rifle bullet – and at heights that provided a glimpse of the edge of space.CONCORDE’S MOST EXPERIENCED PILOTMike Bannister knew he wanted to be a pilot from the age of seven. As Chief Concorde Pilot for British Airways – having qualified to fly the aircraft at the age of only twenty-eight – he went on to spend more time flying faster than the speed of sound than anyone else in history, displaying Concorde with the Red Arrows over London, investigating the cause of the tragic Paris crash and successfully restoring the aircraft’s reputation in the trial that followed, and, finally, landing her back at Heathrow at the end of her last scheduled flight in October 2003.THE DEFINITIVE STORYMike Bannister shares the inside story of this unique and awe-inspiring aircraft for the first time, including his role in the investigation to uncover what really happened when Concorde fell to earth on 25th July 2000. Loved and missed like no other aeroplane, Concorde is part celebration, part history, part detective story and part courtroom drama, a thrilling, revelatory, intimate and insightful personal account by the man who knew her best.]]>