Confessions of a Map Dealer


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‘My first mistake was to be heterosexual.’Such is one of several complaints in the first of four conversations between Henry Hart – who is a married father of two young girls – and his long-time friend, Darius Saddler – who is gay and unattached.It is just over a year since the two men last met. Crippled and humiliated by debt, Hart – a dealer in antique maps – has managed to ruin his marriage, to commit an undeniable act of theft, and to become a suspect in France for a very serious crime.With a lover on the side, a stolen map in his pocket, an ace French detective on his trail, a wife who is unusually cold and in the know, it is time for Hart to enlist the help of his oldest friend.Confessions of a Map Dealer relates the attempts of Hart and Saddler to knit their lives together again, and to extricate Hart from the myriad problems he has brought upon himself.A mystery, a one-sided love story, a tale of guilt, blackmail and self-delusion, Confessions of a Map Dealer is an intricate comedy of errors from a celebrated practitioner of the genre.]]>



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