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It begins with the death of the last Roman and ends with the crowning of a king, the birth of a new order.As the centuries between these two events pass, as Britain emerges from the ruins of Roman rule to become a vibrant, rich power in its own right, as invasions ebb and flow and Kings rule and die, a single thread is spun and stretched.A prophecy found in the shadow of Hadrian’s crumbling wall, a prophecy preserved by the monks at Lindisfarne. A prophecy remembered, a prophecy handed down.A prophecy that speaks of the cross, of dragons from the north. Of a new world and of a new empire.A prophecy fulfilled in one remarkable year: 1066.CONQUEROR is a fast moving historical thriller that casts a bright light onto a shadowy period of British history and brings it to vibrant life. Steeped in blood and violence this was also a time of artistic endeavour, a time of nation building and law-giving. And it is a time of chance, where history can be shaped by the Weaver …]]>




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