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<b>An incisive and thought-provoking collection of philosophical literature on consciousness, featuring contemporary work in the field</b> <p><i>Consciousness</i> is a compilation of many of the most important philosophical writings on consciousness, integrating influential scholarship from the past four decades and the work of emerging thought leaders in the field. Providing an overview of key philosophical debates within consciousness studies, this carefully balanced reader brings together classic work by seminal figures including Nagel, Lewis, Block, and Dennett, as well as innovative papers from contemporary philosophers like Schellenberg, Chalmers, and Montague.</p> <p>Editors Josh Weisberg and David Rosenthal include discussions that highlight modern debates and connect consciousness to broader philosophical topics. Divided into five parts, this volume addresses problems in consciousness, consciousness and knowledge, qualitative consciousness, and theories of consciousness. A brief final section on agency and physicalism features work by Galen Strawson and an original article by Myrto Mylopoulos. Providing a picture of the philosophical landscape of consciousness studies, this stimulating reader:</p> <ul> <li>Presents a singular and eye-opening compendium of philosophical literature on consciousness</li> <li>Reflects the diversity of the field, highlighting the work of emerging thinkers and female leaders in the subject</li> <li>Introduces the major arguments about the conscious mind and the key theories that seek to explain consciousness</li> <li>Explores the theories, issues, debates, and applications of the philosophical study of consciousness that animate modern discussions</li> </ul> <p>Combining new and classic material, <i>Consciousness</i> is an ideal reader for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in consciousness, a useful supplementary text for general classes in philosophy, and a valuable reference work for philosophers of mind, cognitive scientists, and psychologists.</p>