Construction Risk Management Decision Making


Understanding Current Practices

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<b>CONSTRUCTION RISK MANAGEMENT DECISION MAKING</b> <p><B>Explores the relevance of systems thinking and behavioral science in construction risk management</b> <p>Effective risk management is a vital component of all successful construction projects. Although quantitative tools for evaluating data and minimizing risk are readily available, construction managers commonly adopt a more innate, experience-based approach. In <i>Construction Risk Management Decision Making,</i> project manager and senior consultant Alex C. Arthur provides step-by-step advice on assessing and prioritizing risk using qualitative decision-making systems in the construction industry. <p>Incorporating key theories and concepts from systems thinking and behavioral science, this highly practical guide focuses on the behavior patterns of real people in the industry, rather than complex quantitative techniques and data. Concise, easy-to-understand chapters highlight the current practices of construction risk management while helping readers view risk and decision making from a broader perspective. Throughout the book, the author presents invaluable insights into the ways construction professionals think and behave in the real world. <ul><li>Addresses the actual risk management practices of construction professionals</li> <li>Applies human behavioral theories to the study of construction risk management decision making</li> <li> Illustrates the highly intuitive approaches prevalent in various construction projects</li> <li> Features real-life case studies and practical examples throughout</li></ul> <p><i>Construction Risk Management Decision Making</i> is an excellent textbook for advanced students in project management, engineering, construction, and surveying courses, and a must-have guide for practitioners of construction management, surveying, and architecture.