Contemporary Sociological Theory


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<p><b>The new edition of the definitive undergraduate guide to contemporary sociological theory, with updated reading selections throughout</b></p> <p>The fourth edition of <i>Contemporary Sociological Theory</i> offers a thorough introduction to current perspectives and approaches in sociology and social science. Covering a broad range of essential topics, this comprehensive volume provides students with the foundation necessary for understanding the theoretical underpinnings of present-day debates in the diverse field. In-depth yet accessible readings address micro-sociological analysis, symbolic interactionism, network theory, phenomenology, critical theory, structuralism, feminist theory, and more.</p> <p>This classic text is fully revised to incorporate the most representative and up-to-date material, including new readings addressing debates on gender, power, and inequality. New editorial introductions clarify and contextualize the selected readings, while up-to-date examples highlight connections to today&rsquo;s theoretical discussions. This authoritative survey of contemporary sociological theory:</p> <ul> <li>Presents substantial primary source texts with detailed introductions, rather than brief excerpts and basic overviews</li> <li>Examines the sociological theories of Foucault, Giddens, Bourdieu, and Habermas</li> <li>Discusses debates over modernity and postmodernity, crisis and change, and race and difference</li> <li>Provides historical and intellectual perspective to each selected reading in the book</li> <li>Includes extensive references to further readings and resources</li> </ul> <p><i>Contemporary Sociological Theory</i>, Fourth Edition provides the depth of coverage students require for undergraduate courses in social and sociological theory as well as courses in wider social science programs such as human geography, anthropology, criminology, and urban studies. In combination with its complement <i>Classical Sociological Theory</i>, Fourth Edition, <i>Contemporary Sociological Theory</i> remains the most complete overview of sociological theory available.</p>