Controversy Mapping


A Field Guide

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<p>As disputes concerning the environment, the economy, and&nbsp;pandemics&nbsp;occupy public debate, we&nbsp;need to learn to navigate matters of public concern when facts are in doubt and expertise is contested.</p> <p><i>Controversy Mapping</i>&nbsp;is the first book to&nbsp;introduce readers to the observation and representation of contested issues on digital media. Drawing on&nbsp;actor-network theory&nbsp;and&nbsp;digital methods,&nbsp;Venturini&nbsp;and Munk outline the&nbsp;conceptual underpinnings&nbsp;and the&nbsp;many tools and techniques of&nbsp;controversy mapping. They review its history in science and technology studies, discuss its methodological potential, and unfold its political implications. Through a range of cases and&nbsp;examples, they demonstrate how to chart actors and issues using digital fieldwork and computational techniques. A preface by Richard Rogers and an interview with Bruno Latour are also included.</p> <p>A crucial field guide and hands-on companion for the digital age,&nbsp;<i>Controversy Mapping</i>&nbsp;is&nbsp;an indispensable resource for students and scholars of media and communication, as well as activists, journalists, citizens, and&nbsp;decision makers.</p>