Corporate Strategy in Construction


Understanding Today’s Theory and Practice

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This book draws together the main elements of strategic management theory and considers their relevance to contemporary practice in construction. It helps students understand what corporate strategy involves and how it is possible to develop a proactive approach to the management of key organisational resources that are essential to attain objectives. <p> Understanding of the importance of strategic management has developed rapidly in the past decade. Recent economic events have shown that all organisations must continually reassess their approach to achieving intended objectives, especially improvement in customer focus. The construction industry is no different. Construction employers require graduates who are competent in understanding the basis of strategic management, the range of techniques that will enable the organisation to identify opportunities and threats and respond to rapid change.</p> <p> This book provides an overview of the context in which construction projects are carried out, and the potential methods that exist to conduct strategic analysis and decision-making. By analysing case studies, <i>Corporate Strategy in Construction: Understanding today’s theory & practice</i> demonstrates how vital lessons can be learnt from other industries by benchmarking practices and developing alternative ways of delivering value to clients.</p> <p> A key message of the book is that construction organisations can, with a better appreciation of strategic management, increase their potential to innovate and create sustainable competitive advantage.</p>


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