Curve Benders


How Strategic Relationships Can Power Your Non-linear Growth in the Future of Work

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<p><b>A&nbsp;personal growth roadmap&nbsp;guiding you into&nbsp;the future of&nbsp;relationships in&nbsp;work,&nbsp;life, play,&nbsp;and giving&nbsp;</b></p> <p><i>Curve Benders</i>&nbsp;is a personal growth roadmap. It will guide you through the complicated&nbsp;intersection of work,&nbsp;life, play,&nbsp;and&nbsp;giving.&nbsp;Countless new forces will shape&nbsp;the future, so the strategic relationships we form in these areas of life are, of necessity, changing. This book will show you how to move into the future and&nbsp;dramatically alter&nbsp;your growth trajectory in both its direction and ultimate destination.&nbsp;David&nbsp;Nour,&nbsp;the&nbsp;author of&nbsp;<i>Relationship Economics</i>&nbsp;and&nbsp;a top thought leader on business relationships,&nbsp;has identified 15 forces&nbsp;that&nbsp;will heavily influence what we do and how and where we engage our current and prospective relationships to create value and make a difference in the lives of others.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;This book aims&nbsp;to provide&nbsp;you&nbsp;with a&nbsp;step-by-step guide&nbsp;for personal, professional, and organizational growth.&nbsp;The author highlights how certain relationships enable a non-linear growth trajectory.&nbsp;These relationships, in addition to augmenting&nbsp;what we can accomplish, often shape who we become. These&nbsp;relationships are&nbsp;&ldquo;curve benders,&rdquo;&nbsp;and&nbsp;this book will show you&nbsp;who and where they are, how to find and engage them, and, equally valuable, how&nbsp;you can&nbsp;become a curve bender&nbsp;to impact the lives and livelihoods of others profoundly.&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Gain insight into the value of your current strategic relationships and how they help you achieve your work, life, and giving goals&nbsp;</li> <li>Reconceptualize relationships to identify the people with the power, not only to help you achieve but to change who you&nbsp;become&nbsp;</li> <li>Learn how to&nbsp;become&nbsp;a &ldquo;curve bender&rdquo; who makes an outsized impact in the lives of&nbsp;others&nbsp;</li> <li>Become better at finding and engaging people, navigating the 15 forces that are reshaping our world&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>This book is about strategic relationship planning, personal growth, and, ultimately, about you. Read&nbsp;<i>Curve Benders</i>&nbsp;to launch yourself into your best future.&nbsp;</p>