Customer Data Platforms


Use People Data to Transform the Future of Marketing Engagement

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<p><b>Master the hottest technology around to drive marketing success</b>&nbsp;</p> <p>Marketers are faced with a&nbsp;stark&nbsp;and challenging dilemma: customers demand deep personalization, but they are increasingly leery of offering the type of personal data required to make it happen. As a solution to this problem,&nbsp;Customer Data Platforms have come to the fore, offering companies&nbsp;a&nbsp;way to capture, unify, activate,&nbsp;and analyze customer data. CDPs are the hottest&nbsp;marketing&nbsp;technology&nbsp;around&nbsp;today,&nbsp;but are&nbsp;they worthy&nbsp;of the hype?&nbsp;<i>Customer Data Platforms&nbsp;</i>takes a deep dive into everything CDP&nbsp;so you can learn how to steer your firm toward the future of personalization.&nbsp;</p> <p>Over the years,&nbsp;many of us&nbsp;have built byzantine &ldquo;stacks&rdquo; of various marketing and advertising technology&nbsp;in an attempt&nbsp;to deliver the fabled &ldquo;right person,&nbsp;right message, right time&rdquo; experience.&nbsp;This can lead to&nbsp;siloed systems, disconnected processes, and legacy technical debt.&nbsp;CDPs offer a way to&nbsp;simplify the stack and deliver&nbsp;a balanced and engaging customer experience.&nbsp;<i>Customer Data Platforms</i>&nbsp;breaks down the fundamentals, including how to:&nbsp; </p> <ul> <li>Understand the problems of managing customer data</li> <li>Understand what CDPs are and what they do (and don’t do)</li> <li>Organize and harmonize customer data for use in marketing</li> <li>Build a safe, compliant first-party data asset that your brand can use as fuel</li> <li>Create a data-driven culture that puts customers at the center of everything you do</li> <li>Understand how to use AI and machine learning to drive the future of personalization</li> <li>Orchestrate modern customer journeys that react to customers in real-time</li> <li>Power analytics with customer data to get closer to true attribution</li> </ul> <p>In&nbsp;this&nbsp;book, you&rsquo;ll discover how to build 1:1 engagement that scales at the speed of today&rsquo;s customers.&nbsp;</p>