Cyclized Helical Peptides


Synthesis, Properties and Therapeutic Applications

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<p><b>An important and timely guide to the progress being made on constrained helical peptides</b> <p>Constraint helical peptides have emerged as a solution to target previously undruggable protein-protein interactions, which feature large and complex surfaces. <i>Cyclized Helical Peptides: Synthesis, Properties and Therapeutic Applications</i> offers a review of the most current methodologies of constructing constrained helices. The authors noted experts on the topic include the information on the fundamental features of cyclized helical peptides and discuss their limitations. The book summarizes and explores the effects of chemical methods constructing helical peptides on helicity, binding affinity, cell penetration, and nonspecific toxicity. <p>The book examines the therapeutic applications of the constraint helices and includes comparison with existing small molecule modulators or antibodies. Designed as a useful resource for both those outside and inside the field. Those new to the field will find a comprehensive introduction to cyclized helical peptide and those inside the field will find a deeper understanding of the topic. <p>This important book: <ul><li>Offers a practical introduction to constrained helical peptides</li> <li>Includes all aspects of constrained helical peptides</li> <li>Includes information on the most recent methods that have emerged</li> <li>Presents a guide to help solve practical problems in the field</li></ul> <p>Written for academics, pharmaceutical professional, <i>Cyclized Helical Peptides</i> is a comprehensive guide to the developments of constrained helical peptides.