Daily Life in Ancient Egypt


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Using the life of a young girl and her family as a model, this book recreates the daily life of the middle-class residents of the ancient town of Lahun during Egypt’s Middle Kingdom period. This perfect snapshot in time has been painstakingly recreated using recently published textual data and archaeological findings. <ul> <li>Provides an illuminating and engaging re-construction of what daily life was like in ancient Egypt</li> <li>Describes the main issues of everyday life in the town – from education, work, and food preparation to religious rituals, healing techniques, marriages, births, and deaths</li> <li>Authentically recreated through the use of recently published textual data and archaeological findings directly from the settlement of Lahun and other sites</li> <li>Includes photographs and illustrations of actual artifacts from the settlement of Lahun</li> </ul>


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