Darwin’s Tree of Life

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Follow the evolution of plants and animals, from the first living things 6 billion years ago to the animals living in the world today. Darwin’s Tree of Life shows how the incredible diversity of life on earth came to be. This beautifully illustrated book starts from the dawn of life and shows the order in which plants and animals evolved, the different branches of ‘The Tree of Life’, and how plants and animals have changed over time in many amazingly different ways. Find out:· why crabs run sideway· which fish was the first to walk on land· why birds are similar to dinosaurs · why human brains are located in the head and not in our feet. which creatures can survive 30 years without eating· which mammal has the strongest bite of any predator· why hedgehogs have spinesStunningly illustrated by illustrator and print maker, Margaux Carpentier, children will enjoy finding out about a whole world of wonderful animals on our amazing planet Earth.]]>





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