Day Surgery


Contemporary Approaches to Nursing Care

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The evolution of day surgery has heralded a new era of medical, anaesthetic and nursing knowledge, skills and practice. <i>Day Surgery: Contemporary Approaches to Nursing Care</i> explores the familiar concepts within nursing, such as evidence-based practice, patient-centred communication, management, practice development and models of care, and uses these theoretical constructs to provide a comprehensive overview of contemporary services and nursing approaches within day surgery. This book is written with the intention of providing nurses working in day surgery with a comprehensive applied text that can be used as a reference when caring for patients. <p><i>Day Surgery: Contemporary Approaches to Nursing Care:</i></p> <ul> <li>Provides a comprehensive overview of nursing approaches in day surgery</li> <li>Utilises models of care</li> <li>Includes evidence based practice</li> <li>Provides practical advice on management of day surgery services including setting up and implementing nurse led services in the area.</li> </ul>


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