Decolonizing Geography


An Introduction

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<p>The first book of its kind, <i>Decolonizing Geography</i> offers an indispensable introductory guide to the origins, current state and implications of the decolonial project in geography.</p> <p>Sarah A. Radcliffe recounts the influence of colonialism on the discipline of geography and introduces key decolonial ideas, explaining why they matter and how they change geography&rsquo;s understanding of people, environments and nature. She explores the international origins of decolonial ideas, through to current Indigenous thinking, coloniality-modernity, Black geographies and decolonial feminisms of colour. Throughout, she presents an original synthesis of wide-ranging literatures and offers a systematic decolonizing approach to space, place, nature, global-local relations, the Anthropocene and much more.</p> <p><i>Decolonizing Geography</i> is an essential resource for students and instructors aiming to broaden their understanding of the nature, origins and purpose of a geographical education.</p>