Defensible Space on the Move


Mobilisation in English Housing Policy and Practice

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<p>Both theoretically informed and empirically rich,&nbsp;<i>Defensible Space </i>makes an important conceptual contribution to policy mobilities thinking, to policy <i>and</i> practice, and also to practitioners handling of complex spatial concepts.</p> <ul> <li>Critically examines the geographical concept Defensible Space, which has been&nbsp;influential in designing out crime to date, and has been&nbsp;applied to housing estates in the UK, North America, Europe and beyond</li> <li>Evaluates the&nbsp;movement/mobility/mobilisation of defensible space&nbsp;from the US to the UK and into English housing policy&nbsp;<i>and</i>&nbsp;practice</li> <li>Explores&nbsp;the multiple ways the concept of defensible space was interpreted and implemented, as it circulated from national to local level and within particular English housing estates&nbsp;</li> <li>Critiquing and pushing forwards work on policy mobilities, the authors illustrate for the first time how transfer mechanisms worked at both a policy <i>and</i> practitioner level</li> <li>Drawing on&nbsp;extensive&nbsp;archival research, oral histories and in-depth interviews, this important book reveals defensible space to be ambiguous, uncertain in nature, neither proven or disproven scientifically</li> </ul>


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