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Unleashing Christ’s Vision for Unity in a Deeply Divided World

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God designed his body of believers to be a powerful force in the world. Yet today, God’s great story of reconciliation has been crippled because its messengers are unreconciled. God has designed us for so much more, but disunity among Christians has dramatically held us back from our fullest potential.DESIGNED FOR MORE calls every Christian to bring about Christ’s daring vision for unity in the church, and through collective movement, impact the world like never before.Successful leaders everywhere understand the power in collective movement. The most extraordinary sports teams, companies, and organizations are those who learned to bring together their diverse parts into one cohesive whole. However, collective movement still remains an incredibly elusive challenge, especially in the church today.Thankfully, God has hidden in nature some incredible lessons for solving complex human problems. DESIGNED FOR MORE draws groundbreaking implications for how to achieve collective movement from new research on a jaw-dropping phenomenon of flocking starlings known as a murmuration. This marvel is one of nature’s most spectacular sights; imagine hundreds of thousands of birds in motion, caressing the sky in unison as if it were their canvas. In the madness of the murmuration, the power of collective movement is on full display.DESIGNED FOR MORE unveils the power of the murmuration and applies its principles to individual spiritual journeys and the Church as a whole. Join author Lucas Ramirez with co-author Mike DeVito as they cast a fresh vision for how you can unleash the potential of a united body of Christ. When believers, churches, and ministries lay hold of their inter-connectedness in Christ and learn to murmurate, our impact will be limitless.]]>





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