Deterministic Numerical Modeling of Soil Structure Interaction


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In order to describe soil&ndash;structure interaction in various situations (nonlinear, static, dynamic, hydro-mechanical couplings), this book gives an overview of the main modeling methods developed in geotechnical engineering. The chapters are centered around: the finite element method (FEM), the finite difference method (FDM), and the discrete element method (DEM). Deterministic Numerical Modeling of Soil&ndash;Structure Interaction allows the reader to explore the classical and well-known FEM and FDM, using interface and contact elements available for coupled hydro-mechanical problems.<br /><br />Furthermore, this book provides insight on the DEM, adapted for interaction laws at the grain level. Within a classical finite element framework, the concept of macro-element is introduced, which generalizes constitutive laws of SSI and is particularly straightforward in dynamic situations. Finally, this book presents the SSI, in the case of a group of structures, such as buildings in a town, using the notion of metamaterials and a geophysics approach.