Digital Operating Model


The Future of Business

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<p><b>Build your company&rsquo;s next-generation growth strategy by using emerging technologies to disrupt your field and energize your business</b> <p>In <i>Digital Operating Model: The Future of Business</i>, digital strategist and execution expert Rajesh Sinha delivers a robust and practical operating blueprint for digital transformation. Applicable to any industry, any size company, this playbook helps executives, professionals, managers, founders, owners, and other business leaders understand the importance and realize the benefits of a digital future for their companies&mdash;all without having to spend massive amounts of money in the process. <p>The author explores effective methods to create multiple digital accelerators, develop cultural alignment that fosters innovation and delivers rapid solutions, and shares insights into the new mantras of our goods-and-services on-demand economy. Readers will also find: <ul> <li>Step-by-step guidance to implementing a digital platform strategy that leads to exponential business growth</li> <li>Methods for designing and applying new businesses processes that create better experiences internally for your teams and externally for your customers and customers&rsquo; customers, which also leads to exponential business growth</li> <li>Real-life examples and case studies of businesses that have achieved successful digital acceleration and grown dramatically in the process</li></ul><p><i>Digital Operating Model</i> shows readers how to meet their professional objectives while realizing profound transformation that offers innovative and durable differentiation both in terms of purpose and profits.