Digital Universe


The Global Telecommunication Revolution

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<p><b>An illuminating&nbsp;examination&nbsp;of the&nbsp;benefits and drawbacks of&nbsp;global, digital communication&nbsp;</b></p> <p>In this&nbsp;newly revised Second Edition of&nbsp;<i>Digital Universe: The Global Telecommunication Revolution</i>,&nbsp;journalism and&nbsp;digital&nbsp;telecommunication expert Peter B. Seel delivers&nbsp;a fascinating and insightful exploration of digital&nbsp;communication&nbsp;technologies and their substantial effects on contemporary life.&nbsp;This&nbsp;book traces the evolution of digital information and communication tools used around the world, from undersea telegraph&nbsp; cables&nbsp;to the newest mobile phones.&nbsp;</p> <p><i>Digital Universe</i>&nbsp;introduces readers to important inventors, scientists, artists, and thinkers in its discussions of the history and socio-cultural effects of technology&nbsp;adoption. It offers an&nbsp;accessible&nbsp;tour of the global digital universe and provides new perspectives&nbsp;and critical observations&nbsp;on mediated human communication. The book also includes:&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>A thorough introduction&nbsp;to digital communication, the internet, and the origins of the world wide web&nbsp;</li> <li>Comprehensive explorations of telecommunication and media convergence, including&nbsp;the profound effects of&nbsp;the adoption of&nbsp;wired and wireless technologies&nbsp;worldwide&nbsp;</li> <li>Practical discussions of internet control, cyberculture, and dystopian views&nbsp;–&nbsp;including&nbsp;online&nbsp;censorship,&nbsp;the loss of personal privacy, surveillance capitalism,&nbsp;increasing data hacks,&nbsp;and&nbsp;cyberwarfare&nbsp;</li> <li>The book introduces an original concept,&nbsp;the&nbsp;Tao of Technology,&nbsp;that encourages readers to adopt an&nbsp;enhanced&nbsp;worldview of&nbsp;informed ambivalence toward the diffusion of new telecommunication technologies&nbsp;</li> <li>A new chapter on artificial intelligence (A.I.) explores its application in global telecommunication and&nbsp;examines&nbsp;the biases introduced by its creators&nbsp;</li> <li>In-depth examinations of new technologies,&nbsp;including alternative digital realities&nbsp;such as virtual and augmented realties, and their potential effects on the&nbsp;future of digital communication&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for&nbsp;undergraduate and graduate students in journalism, technical communication, speech communication,&nbsp;technology history, sociology,&nbsp;anthropology,&nbsp;computer information systems,&nbsp;and education; it&nbsp;provides&nbsp;the latest data on innovations in telecommunication. The&nbsp;second edition of&nbsp;<i>Digital Universe: The Global Telecommunication Revolution</i>&nbsp;will be an invaluable resource for&nbsp;anyone with an interest in the evolution of the internet, new telecommunication technologies,&nbsp;communication privacy and surveillance,&nbsp;the rise of social media, and the consequences of the diffusion of information and communication technologies.&nbsp;</p>