Dog Abroad


One Man and his Dog Journey into the Heart of Europe

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In this, their second adventure together, Bruce Fogle and his faithful dog, Macy, (with a compact motorhome), journey into the little known heart of Europe. Travelling through the Netherlands, northern Germany, Scandinavia, and the Baltics, then down the eastern rim of Poland to Slovakia and Slovenia, Fogle uncovers revelations about his ancestry as well as discovering the real central Europe.With Macy stoically at his side, Bruce Fogle can savour the landscape in a way he couldn’t alone. Macy introduces him to an eclectic mix of rural folk and local animals as well as other travellers. Together Macy and Bruce walk for miles through peaceful woods and empty shores, taking time off from the frenetic bustle of urban life to appreciate the unspoilt beauty of landscapes still frozen in the aspic of time.The perfect travelling companion, A Dog Abroad is an enchanting read.]]>



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