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It is not unreasonable to believe that potentially the greatest threat to world civil order…comes from Chinese international criminal syndicates and gangs otherwise collectively referred to as the Triads’ FBI briefing reportTriad societies are today the most widespread and ruthless criminal group in the history of the world, posing the most important criminal threat to world stability that has ever existed. Just as the Mafia are organised as ‘families’, so the Triads are organised as ‘brotherhoods’, often along clan lines. They are in essence over 2,000 years old. The father of modern China, Sun Yat-sen, was a Triad society member, creating and financing the great Republic of China through the degenerate trade of opium, which has now become the multi-million dollar heroin industry. Martin Booth’s remarkable study encompasses not only the more ‘traditional’ localised crime – prostitution, theft, racketeering – but also their more repercussive activities on a global scale: the drugs trade, money laundering, stock market manipulation and insider dealing, computer hacking, international prostitution, infiltration of media assets, art smuggling, and much more.Today the Triads are poised to achieve what no organised crime gang has ever dared dream of – a complete, international criminal network, exclusively Chinese, almost impossible to infiltrate and with its fingers on the world’s pulse through its own banking networks, legal affairs and political protection. Today, it would appear the Triads are ready to make the next century a Chinese century…seemingly, nothing can stop them.The Dragon Syndicates tells the full, incredible story of the Triads – their evolution over two millennia, their rituals and mythologies, their role in shaping this century, and the criminal history and lives of the main players. Sources within the UN claim the Triads pose the greatest criminal threat the world has ever known – after reading Martin Booth’s authoritative, dynamic, superbly written and riveting new study, you’ll understand why…]]>



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