Driving Continuous Process Safety Improvement From Investigated Incidents


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<p><b>New perspectives on how to successfully drive changes in companies&rsquo; process safety management systems</b></p> <p>Simply learning from process safety incidents has proven to be insufficient to drive performance improvements. To truly change, organizations must seek out &amp; embed learnings in their programs &amp; systems. This book picks up from previous CCPS books, <i>Incidents That Define Process Safety</i> and <i>Investigating Process Safety Incidents</i>.</p> <p>This important book:</p> <ul> <li>Offers guidelines for improving process safety performance by embedding the lessons learned from publicly available investigations</li> <li>Recommends a continuous improvement learning model focused on organizational learning</li> <li>Provides examples for using the model&rsquo;s techniques to drive &shy;continuous improvements</li> </ul> <p>Contains an index of more than 400 investigated incidents and introduces the concept of Drilldown to help find lessons that might not have been mentioned before.</p> <p>Written for safety professionals and process safety consultants, <i>Driving Continuous Process Safety Improvement from Investigated Incidents</i> is a hands-on guide for adopting a model for successfully driving the learnings from process safety incident investigations.</p>


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