Driving Results


Six Lessons Learned from Transforming An Iconic Company

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<p>In 1988, Bridgestone Corporation, a Japanese company, paid billions to acquire the iconic but struggling Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. This acquisition was considered Bridgestone’s last best chance to become a major tire player in the Americas. Firestone itself had been hampered by its own less-than-sterling reputation. Plagued by a large-scale tire recall (14 million + tires), a toxic corporate culture, and union issues, the acquisition wasn’t an immediate success.</p> <p>In 2010, Gary Garfield was tapped to become the CEO of this new organization called Bridgestone Americas. With the help of a hand-picked leadership team and his 6-step approach to successfully drive change, Gary changed just about everything at Bridgestone Americas. With Gary at the helm and masterminding the company&rsquo;s overhauled corporate culture, Bridgestone Americas saw profits grow 500% overall during his tenure as CEO with record-breaking profits each year. <i>Driving Results: Six Lessons Learned from Transforming An Iconic Company</i> will breakdown the company’s remarkable turnaround into the six key elements necessary to successfully drive change in any organization, department, or group: leadership, vision, culture, people, alignment and strategic focus. These six elements are compelling, yet understandable, manageable and doable in almost every context. They are based on real-world success by the people who actually made the changes happen at Bridgestone Americas.</p>