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If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons fan, you’ve surely thought of becoming a Dungeon Master. Learning to be a DM isn’t as hard as you might think, especially if you have <i>Dungeon Master 4th Edition For Dummies</i> tucked into your bag of tricks! <p>From organizing your first D&D game to dealing with difficult players, this book covers everything a DM needs to know. Written for the newest edition of D&D by the experts at Wizards of the Coast, creators of the game, it shows you how to:</p> <ul> <li>Build challenging encounters, make reasonable rulings, and manage disagreements</li> <li>Recognize all the common codes, tables, and spells</li> <li>Understand the parts of a D&D adventure and how to create dungeon maps and craft monsters</li> <li>Shape storylines and write your own adventures</li> <li>Find your style as a DM and develop a game style that plays to your strengths</li> <li>Script an encounter, vary the terrain and challenges, and establish rewards (experience points and treasure)</li> <li>Decide whether to use published adventures</li> <li>Use and follow the official <i>Dungeon Master’s Guide</i></li> <li>Develop a campaign with exciting themes, memorable villains, and plots that keep players entranced</li> </ul> <p>If you’re getting the urge to lead the charge in a D&D game of your own, <i>Dungeon Master 4th Edition For Dummies</i> will introduce you to the DM’s many jobs. With the information you need to start your own game, craft exciting stories, and set up epic adventures, you’ll be on your way!</p>


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