E-CARGO and Role-Based Collaboration


Modeling and Solving Problems in the Complex World

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<b>E-CARGO and Role-Based Collaboration</b> <p><b>A model for collaboratively solving complex problems </b> <p><i>E-CARGO and Role-Based Collaboration</i> offers a unique guide that explains the nature of collaboration, explores an easy-to-follow process of collaboration, and defines a model to solve complex problems in collaboration and complex systems. Written by a noted expert on the topic, the book initiates the study of an effective collaborative system from a novel perspective. The role-based collaboration (RBC) methodology investigates the most important aspects of a variety of collaborative systems including societal-technical systems. The models and algorithms can also be applied across system engineering, production, and management. <p>The RBC methodology provides insights into complex systems through the use of its core model E-CARGO. The E-CARGO model provides the fundamental components, principles, relationships, and structures for specifying the state, process, and evolution of complex systems. This important book: <ul><li>Contains a set of concepts, models, and algorithms for the analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, and assessment of a complex system</li> <li>Presents computational methods that use roles as a primary underlying mechanism to facilitate collaborative activities including role assignment</li> <li>Explores the RBC methodology that concentrates on the aspects that can be handled by individuals to establish a well-formed team</li> <li>Offers an authoritative book written by a noted expert on the topic</li></ul> <p>Written for researchers and practitioners dealing with complex problems in collaboration systems and technologies, <i>E-CARGO and Role-Based Collaboration</i> contains a model to solve real world problems with the help of computer-based systems.